The New SwapServe — July 1st, 2014

Hi Everyone!

After organizing some super awesome volunteer projects with you up in Portland this past fall, we decided to take a step back and rethink SwapServe. Oh, and to have the cutest little guy ever (see photo for proof)! We’re still very excited about rewarding people who give back in fun ways. With our new version, we won’t be coordinating volunteer projects with non-profits andIMG_1660 local businesses

We have come up with a really fun way to reward awesome people all over the country who give back in creative ways. The new SwapServe will take place on Instagram. So if you’re up for it, go ahead and follow us. See ya in July!


Have Fun,

Derek, Founder and Chief Swapper

October Portland Trip

Hey everyone!

Two weeks ago I took an awesome trip up to PDX with Darren (Rico Swappe) and our friends Matt and Colbey. In between jalapeno grilled cheese sandwiches, the best buffalo wings I’ve ever had, and way too many Voodoo Doughnuts, we got to be a part of one of our most successful Swaps so far. We had over twenty Swappers turn out in support of the Out of the Darkness Walk, which was sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Our volunteers cheered on walkers, blew up balloons, handed out snacks, and a ton more. This was a really cool experience for us because we got to meet many of our Swappers in person. It was amazing to hear from people who are truly excited about SwapServe and about helping the Portland community. We’ll be throwing some cool photos and video from the trip on our Facebook page over the next few weeks and we’ll also post some on the blog here as well. For now, you can check out the video below for a first hand look at how we celebrate successful Swaps.

Have Fun,


Our Story

Tim at Christmas 2010

Hotrods, great food, and sweet old dogs- that sums up our friend Tim. You could always find him sitting at a table for two with a cup of hot coffee talking cars at our local coffee shop. My favorite thing about him is that he adopts senior cocker spaniels. Not many people would adopt an older dog for obvious reasons, but Tim does simply because these dogs need love too. He recently adopted Rachel; we joked that we almost had the whole cast of “Friends” since Kelly and I have our dog and cat, Chandler and Phoebe.

For many years before he moved to Kentucky, Tim was a standard at family holidays. Kelly’s family refers to Christmas at their house as “Misfit Christmas,” a holiday with special people who aren’t all related by blood and don’t have much family, but nevertheless need a place to feel welcome for the holidays.

Having Tim around was really fun, but it also meant that whoever was cooking that night had better make double. We’d usually joke that if the food wasn’t good, Tim would only have two plates. If it was good, you could count on him having at least four.

With this joke in mind, Kelly decided on the perfect gift for Christmas 2010: a 12 pound chocolate cake. Tim of course loved his gift. Though, he did complain later that the breaks in his truck almost went out on the way down the street when he took the cake home. Tim’s gift to us that year was a gift certificate to our friend Molly’s restaurant, which is one of the best places for breakfast around.

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Team Trip to Portland

Hey Swappers. I hope you’re all doing great. I thought I’d tell ya a little bit about our awesome trip to Portland. We’ve know for a while that we’d like to launch SwapServe in Portland. It’s a super socially-conscious city full of lots of cool people who care about the community.

In February we figured that we couldn’t very well launch in a city that we’ve never visited, so we made plans to go.

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New Video New Friends

I have to say I was really overwhelmed when Andrew emailed me and said, “So Meagan and her friends want to help us redo the website videos. Each of them know film and editing really well and they think they can give them a true professional touch… Oh, and they want to do it for free.” I felt elated. The fact that a group of professionals, most of whom I’d never met, wanted to take on this project out of the kindness of their hearts really made me take pause. I’m generally a positive guy, but it’s moments like these that make you take that extra moment and realize just how special the world is.

So this post is dedicated to our awesome film and sound crew (and new friends). We’ve got some pretty fun pictures below. From a posh LA sound studio to the balcony of Anton’s apartment, you’ll be able to check out one of the most fun projects we’ve done since starting SwapServe. No amount of thanks could ever express how much we appreciate these guys. Anton, Matt, Dustin, Paige, and Meagan—you’re the best!

I thought we were headed for a studio in some guys garage, but this place was legit!

I thought we were headed for a studio in some guys garage, but this place was legit!

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The Launch

Derek introducing SwapServe to 40 of our closest friends and family, all crowded in the backyard.

Hi Everyone. Thanks for checking out our blog. We recently re-launched it, but we carried over many of our old posts. It was a lot of fun going through the old posts and the memories of our first days. I hope you enjoy reading more about our story. Now over to me circa 2011.

October 2011

Despite our low-overhead set-up, I’m loving the feel of starting and organically growing a charitable, for-profit start up. I’ve hopped around to a few types of entrepreneurial ventures in the past, but nothing has felt this fun and right. Continue reading